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21st March 2019

The Left Pocket
Start : 9:00pm

The Left Pocket are a Hong Kong based modern jazz quartet playing an original mix of music, composed mainly by members of the band. Consisting of piano, bass, drums and saxophone the four members work symbiotically together to conjure up wide and rich variety of emotions and musical textures from their instruments. Formed by Hong Kong drummer Joe Lung, and featuring another local talent recently returned from studying in the USA, Mat Lui on Bass. The band is completed by Japanese pianist Toshi Horguchi, and British saxophonist Bruce Hunnisett, the Left Pocket is a truly international band. The music spans a wide gamut of styles from a modern take on classic swing, it can move into funkier territory, exploring more free and avant-garde approaches to improvisation along the way. The band has a professional approach to performing and all the members have a wide range of experience playing across various different genres, insuring that every Left Pocket performance is a unique and exciting experience for the listener.