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25th September 2021

PUREROCK nights – BLACKJACK Asia tour in Hong Kong! + The Sleeves – The Lemon Ones – MeatgasM
Start : 9pm
BLACKJACK, new gigs in Hong Kong! Promotional FREE entrance!
The London UK band is smashing again in Asia.
Pure original Power Rock ‘80s style, with a mix of glam and AOR.
Official website here: http://blackjackband.altervista.org/
Simple catchy songs, very powerful rock with open riffs, easy rememberable verse and chorus for everyone: in a few words, top chart singles for commercial industry rock target.
Touring in Hong Kong, formed by local musicians, these gigs are the very first time for the band, after working several years in London UK, previously New York U.S. and Italy.
Rosa Choco, singer
Ashish Jerry Justin, guitars
Skynex Yee, drums
Save Blackjack, songwriter, bass, manager
Hong Kong dates announced!
11/09 Saturday, Rio RIO CLUB
25/09 Saturday, Peelfresco Peel Fresco
02/10 Saturday, Rock Angel Rock Angel Band House
09/10 Saturday, Rula Rula Live
23/10 Saturday, The Aftermath The Aftermath
Record Label: Phantom Records – London (UK)
Thanks to the supporting amazing local bands:
> The Sleeves: Part punk, part classic rock, part throwback 80s indie. Proper rock’n’roll.
The band is a British-born indie rock band formed and based in Hong Kong.
Mix The Kinks, the Sex Pistols, The Stone Roses and Joy Division and you’ll be close.
>The Lemon Ones: are a Hong Kong-based independent band founded in 2019, inspired by a mix of modern rock bands like the Arctic Monkeys and retro artists such as The Velvet Underground.
The band is aiming to break the mould with a style that draws references to fuzzy psychedelic rock tones and up-beat indie anthems, creating their unique music.
>MeatgasM: Thick Cuts of Heavy Meat Rock